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Cozy Cuddlebugs ...  Team  up with the families of The Price Group at Keller Williams to bring holiday joy to kids living at St Joseph Children's Home in Louisville, KY.

These Sweet Kids...

The kids who come to live at St. Joe's are children who have been removed from their parents due to threats to their safety and well being.  PLUS - most of these children have been through 10+ foster homes before they even arrive to St. Joe's - and some of these kids are as young as five years old.  St. Joe's provides the children a home when they are without an adequately functioning family or parental guidance.  Plus, St Joe's provides the kids much needed therapeutic care; these kids unfortunately are the victims of extreme trauma of various forms.  Most importantly, St. Joe's is a place that helps them to heal - and ultimately prepares them to be reunited with their family (if their family demonstrates success in improving their circumstances) or be adopted by their "forever family." While St. Joe's strives to provide the best possible environment for these sweet children, the state provides just 70 cents for every dollar needed to care for these kids. The children often arrive to St. Joe's with nothing more than the clothes that they are wearing. Therefore, the need is great. 
The kids at St. Joe's also ultimately need foster care and/or a "Forever Family."
There are many different ways to help fill this need...

Know That You Can:

1. Foster "only" (temporary care)
2. Foster with intent to adopt
3. Adopt children who are already legally "adoptable"

Important to Note:

Based upon our own knowledge regarding the programs offered through St Joe's foster care and adoption process... St. Joe's works hard to keep adoption expenses ultimately at $0. 


Reimbursable attorney fees. No home study fees. Ultimately - Zero.

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St. Joseph Children's Home needs volunteers throughout the year! Want to fill this special, rewarding need? The kids are precious - you'll fall in love with them! Download and complete your volunteer packet today!

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