Cozy Cuddlebugs

Cozy Cuddlebugs ...  Team  up with the families of The Price Group at Keller Williams Realty Louisville East to bring holiday joy to kids living at St Joseph Children's Home in Louisville, KY.
The Price Group at KW is  making blankets (warm, cozy fleece blankets- large enough to serve as a comforter on the children's beds) for children currently living at St. Joseph’s Children’s Home, which is located in Louisville, KY – and we need your help! We’d love for you to be a part of this special Christmas Project, too!

Our goal is to complete 50 blankets – which entails securing 50 Blanket Sponsorships, making 50 blankets, and delivering them on Christmas Eve. The blankets we are making are "no-sew, tie fleece blankets." We will work hard to make each blanket unique - so that no two patterns are the same, enabling each child to have "their" own blanket. It’s a big goal, but we’re confident that the Christmas Spirit will see us through!

We are excited to thoughtfully select the different colors, prints, and patterns of the fleece pieces so that each blanket can be unique.  Most of the children who live at St. Joe’s (a place of healing while they wait on a foster family, adoptive forever family, or to be reunited with their biological family) live there for a full year. 

Many of these kids arrive without having any possessions or comfort items of their own.  Therefore, we have requested that these blankets be given to each child individually, rather than become the property of St. Joe’s.  St. Joe’s is happy to meet this request – therefore these cozy, warm blankets will belong to each child as “their own” – when the child moves on from St. Joseph’s, they’ll get to take their blanket with them!

The cost of each blanket will be $40. ‘Tis the season of giving and we’re hopeful that you’ll consider giving to Cozy Cuddlebugs – we’re sure the kids at St. Joseph’s will greatly appreciate your generosity!

The Experience, Make Your Family A Part of It!
Our experiences the past five years have been beyond remarkable.  We all felt the Christmas Spirit alive in our entire community as the blankets were quickly sponsored by friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family - thank you so very much.  The magic intensified as we watched many hands - mommas, daddies, kiddos, grandparents, friends, neighbors, coworkers and more, come together to cut, tie, and fold blankets.  Watching the brightly colored blankets take shape and imagining the children who would be comforted by the blanket, when they have little else for comfort, was a life changing experience for all involved.

The kids at St. Joe's will forever and always have a special place in our hearts - we hope you'll love them as well, whether it be through monetary donation and/or help with the blanket making and/or prayer.  Many of us are so blessed by a strong and supportive family. These kids are not and desperately need the love, care, and support provided by St Joe’s and our community. We invite you to welcome these children into your heart as a priority for sharing what you may be able to give. We appreciate your help in providing these kids warmth and comfort this Christmas!

Happy Holidays to you and your family! Thank you!

The Price Group at KW

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